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Monday, November 13, 2006

Podcast 9 Athens part 3 and news


Rods pulse podcast

Hepatitis C Virus Infections From a Contaminated Radiopharmaceutical Used in Myocardial Perfusion Studies
Priti R. Patel, MD Etal
JAMA. 2006;296:2005-2011.

Amifostine can reduce toxicity of targeted radionuclide therapy without affecting anti-tumour effect
F.Forrer Rotterdam
Its an old drug used routinely for radiotherapy
Amifostine has been used for protecting salivary glands
It makes a dramatic effect in reducing kidney dose in Lu177-DOTA
Thus doses can be safely increased and increasing chance of complete remission

Dale Bailey, Sydney, Australia
How to make a Home made SPECT/CT
He showed how much of an impact this made on reports > 40% much higher than expected
Physicians said “I’ve been confidently giving the wrong reports for 10 years!”

Depression + Anxiety correlation with MPI imaging
Ansari-Gilani, Tehran, Iran
Depression has been shown as a risk factor for cardiac disease
Patients with a high BDI score had a statistically significant correlation with the perfusion difference score
The effect is stronger with 3 vessel disease and also with depression than anxiety but both had significant P values
Interestingly it was also true before patients had a diagnosis of CAD

The music was by a greek band called
FadeOut and the song was sanctuary

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