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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Podcast 7 EANM 2006 Athens Part 1

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Episode 7 Athens European Association of Nuclear Medicine Part 1
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I will do something unusual this time, and give you some brief sound samples of interviews I recorded at the EANM conference. You can then listen to the interviews in full in the upcoming episodes.

Let me know if this is a good idea or not, I would appreciate it

How did I get the interviews?
I got permission from the EANM committee ahead of time (and a press pass) thank you to Andreas Falsner and to Prof Limouris, Dr Carrio

I then asked the speakers for interviews they were all happy to help.

Some of the Interviews
Using Adenosine for MPI in Asthmatic patients
A. Notghi, City Hospital Birmingham

The Advanced Nuclear Medicine Practitioner
Martha Pickett

Amifostine can reduce toxicity of targeted radionuclide therapy without affecting anti-tumour effect
F.Forrer Rotterdam

Dale Bailey, Sydney, Australia

Depression + Anxiety correlation with MPI imaging
Ansari-Gilani, Tehran, Iran

Nuclear imaging in the assessment of the results of (cardiovascular) therapy
F. Bengel, Baltimore, USA

V/Q SPECT reporting 4696 cases
M Bajc, Lund, Sweden

Lu177-DOTA therapy for SS-2 tumors
“Dick” Kwekkeboom, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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